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"'Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit...' Zech 4:6

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Emotional and Spiritual Support

Taking birth support to the next level with Jennifer DeBrito

Splankna Therapy (pronounced "Splonk'-Nuh") is an efficient, holistic therapy that is rooted in Christian beliefs. ("Splankna" is a greek word used in scriptures to refer to the seat of one's emotions, and the NIV translates it as "tenderness" in Philippians 2:1 and "compassion" in Colossians 3:12.)

Through a combined use of EMDR, neuro-emotional techniques, Thought Field Therapy, and prayer, it is applicable to nearly any psychological symptom.

While Splankna is effective for anyone in any stage of life, Jennifer's passion lies in working with women and children (and yes, even babies). Jennifer's background in holistic health combines with her professional birth experience in this efficient, effective technique, helping to reduce anxiety, increase joy, and determine next steps in life.

Should I Stir That Up Now?

A common concern is that doing emotional work during pregnancy might be bad for the baby. We can assure you, the opposite is true. The reason we love Splankna is for its efficient ability to "re-wire" your thought processes and bring you back under God's protective authority. We aren't the healers in this protocol; God is. His compassion and desire to set us free is so evident through this work.

Jennifer has also worked with young children for helping to resolve anxiety, sibling rivalry, and

Jennifer DeBrito, CSP

Jennifer is a certified, master-level Splankna practitioner and is registered in the State of Colorado for the approved use of this therapy. Having founded Eden's Promise and working as a professional doula for nearly 7 years, she has walked with prenatal and postpartum women through the effects of relational issues, food and body image issues, miscarriage and other losses, postpartum depression, and anxiety. She also specializes in working with children.

Special pricing is offered to anyone utilizing any Approved Birth Professional with the Eden's Promise Holistic Christian Birth Community. Sliding scale is also available.

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