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Emotional Support and Prayer

Taking birth support to the next level

Our goal is to help you not only survive childbirth, but to thrive through it by growing in your relationship with Christ and receiving healing from hurts that will otherwise effect your birth experience and/or your parenting. Not everyone has experienced "Trauma," but everyone has experienced "trauma." While some of the emotions experienced during birth are mostly hormonal, others--the real ones--have a root somewhere in your past.

Through a combined use of EMDR, neuro-emotional techniques, Thought Field Therapy, and prayer, nearly any psychological condition can be addressed.

Should I Stir That Up Now?

A common concern is that doing emotional work during pregnancy might be bad for the baby. We can assure you, the opposite is true--at least with the methods we use. These methods are making huge waves in the psychology field for their ability "re-wire" your thought processes and free you from emotional "triggers" without re-traumatizing you. It is truly fascinating! But let us be clear: we aren't the healers in this protocol. God is. His compassion and desire to set us free is so evident through this work, which is bathed in prayer and is scripturally sound. (We also love that while in the womb, your baby can physically experience the freeing, healing hand of God at the same time that you do. What a way to "train them in the way they should go!")

Jennifer DeBrito, CSP

Jennifer is a certified, master-level Splankna practitioner and is registered in the State of Colorado for the approved use of this therapy. She specializes in anxiety, addiction (including tobacco), food and body image issues, grief, postpartum depression, and trauma. She works specifically with women and children.

Special pricing is offered to anyone utilizing any Approved Birth Professional with the Eden's Promise Holistic Christian Birth Community. Sliding scale is also available.

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