Eden’s Promise, LLC

Holistic Christian Birth Community

Est. 2010

Equipping birth professionals to support new parents in body, mind, and spirit

Understanding Mentorship With Eden's Promise

People commonly mistake Eden's Promise for another "doula group." That isn't quite how we work. Here are a few things you will find Approved Professionals within the Eden's community to have in common with other good birth support providers:

How Good Birth Professionals Are Similar (What We Have In Common):

-Training and Certification in field are required

-Operate as legitimate, insured, tax-paying business entities

-Trained in (and supportive of) evidence-based care

-Familiar with birth preparation and comfort measures, and able to offer support for all birth decisions

How Eden's Promise Takes Birth Support to a Deeper Level:

-We train our birth professionals to confront and defeat fear with Spirit-filled prayer and scriptural teaching

-We show our mentees how to identify and challenge limiting beliefs--while honoring their clients' choices

-We teach those working with us how to support laboring women both emotionally and spiritually during the birth process

-We guide our birth leaders in how to bring freedom from the false messages of worth that surround the childbirth experience

-We educate our team in how to connect the hearts of families back to the Father through the pregnancy and birth experience

How We Reach the Forgotten:

-We are knowledgeable in trauma-informed care

-We are connected within the community for referral relationships with local non-profits

-We pay for our own services to our city's forgotten through our own 501(c)3 Non-Profit, Adopt-A-Mom projectAdopt-A-Mom

Approved Birth Professionals Within the Eden's Promise Community are committed to the faith and freedom approach to birth. To learn more, Contact Us Today!