Eden’s Promise, LLC

"'Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit...' Zech 4:6

Est. 2010

The Christian Birth Professional

People commonly ask what makes what we do different from what others do. Here are a few ways we are similar, but different:

How most birth professionals are similar:

-Certification is a minimum

-We are trained in (and supportive of) evidence-based care

-We teach preparation and comfort measures, and offer support for all birth decisions

How we are different from most other birth professionals:

-We will help you to confront and defeat fear (not just avoid it) with Spirit-filled prayer and scriptural teaching

-We will CHALLENGE your limiting beliefs--and HONOR your choices

-We will support you emotionally AND train your heart to find the true Source of inner strength during birth

-We will guide you to freedom from the false messages of worth that surround the childbirth experience

-We will respect your relationships and help fathers to step forth as a main source of support

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