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Postpartum Support

Why Postpartum Support?

While we absolutely join you in your hopes of rainbows and butterflies during those first few (sweet, snuggly, sleep-deprived) months of parenthood, the truth is, we've been there. Sometimes, we just need help. And that is OK! Accepting help early on will help you to get your life back on track as your family adjusts to its "new normal."

For mamas who are concerned about breastfeeding or caring for baby - or for families who just want someone else to cook dinner and fold laundry - we are here for you. Both of our postpartum doulas are specifically trained in lactation support and naturally gifted in hospitality. As in, they love taking care of you! You will feel comfortable and supported as they teach you the in's and out's of that "fourth trimester."

You choose when they come, for how long, and what you need. They'll take care of the rest.

Shelby Thomas

Shelby Thomas (right) was born and raised in Northern Kentucky where she married her high school sweetheart, Joey, and they began their crazy adventure together. Joey and Shelby now have two girls, Eliana and Abigail. God grew in Shelby a passion for encouraging others in the journey of motherhood when she gave birth to her oldest and found that motherhood can be hard.

Her first pregnancy was completely different than her second and she discovered how much difference proper support can make during the postpartum period. Shelby hopes to help mamas (and fathers!) develop confidence in caring for their children in the unique way that God created them for one another by serving new families as a postpartum doula. Shelby also offers placenta encapsulation, and owns Mama With A Dream.

When Shelby is not chasing toddlers she enjoys reading, baking and decorating cakes, cooking for her family and exploring a slightly crunchy lifestyle. Shelby attends Woodmen Valley Chapel.

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Melea Bauer

Melea (left) is originally from Portland Oregon. She was in nursing school when she met her Army husband and left school to follow him around the world! Melea and her husband have 3 wonderful kids. After the birth of her first child, she realized the importance of a woman getting the full physical and emotional support they need in labor. Melea completed her Doula training in 2009, and has been blessed to serve as a doula all over the country (and even South Korea) - and recently completed her CAPPA childbirth educator training.

Gifted in mercy, teaching, and hospitality, Melea believes being a Doula allows her the amazing privilege to support, nurture and educate women in pregnancy, birth and those wonderful newborn days. In her spare time you'll find Melea cooking, sewing and serving in her military community. Melea owns Blessings of the Womb co-leads the Pure Connection Natural Mothers Group, and also offers pre-marital mentorship with her husband at Mountain Springs Church.

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